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Aire Valley Decorating Centre Product List
This is by no means full list of all the products we stock. We stock all the
main brands you would expect and offer a colour tint service.
If there is some think specific you require, please contact us and we’ll
do our best to order it in for you.
Johnstones trade
Leyland trade
Crown trade
Sandtex trade
Manor Coatings
Harris brushes
Purdy brushes
Hamilton brushes
Everbuild sealants & adhesives
Erfurt Mav
Mangers white spirit
Toupret fillers
NMC Copley Decor decorative mouldings
Coleman Bros wallpapers
Doshi wallpapers
Graham & Brown wallpapers
Indasa abrasives
3M tapes
For anyone who wants to take a ‘green’ approach
to decorating or has health concerns, Aire Valley
Decorating Centre is the sole supplier in West
Yorkshire of the eco-friendly EARTHBORN range
of paints.

Earthborn products contain no oils and are free
from VOCs - Volatile Organic Compounds –
the chemicals which cause the nasty smells you
normally have to put up with when painting indoors.

Because they don’t give off fumes, Earthborn paints
are suitable for people with allergies, asthma, or chest
complaints – allowing the decorator, the whole family
and the building to breathe more easily.

The ingredients comply with European Community
environmental standards. And because they do not
give off greenhouse gas emissions they are licensed
by DEFRA (the government department responsible
for farming and the countryside) to carry the prestigious
EU Eco-label flower which is awarded only to products
meeting the scheme’s strict environmental and
performance standards.

The manufacturers are so proud of the paint’s green
pedigree, that all the ingredients are listed on the
side of the tin.

For more information about the range, visit

AVDC stock the Johnstone’s Ecological range which
also meets the EU Eco standards.